Company Overview

DIF Design is located in Springfield, MA, and offers a broad spectrum of affordable graphic and web design services, as well as one-on-one marketing consulting. With a staff of trained website and graphic design professionals, DIF Design provides exceptional quality and a uniquely creative approach to every project. DIF only designs custom websites and does not use website templates. With clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York, you will always be satisfied with superior results and great customer care. Contact us today for a FREE consultation about any of your website design, graphic design or marketing needs.

Our Philosophy

How We Approach Your Project

At DIF Design, there are no cookie-cutter projects. We know your business is unique, and we treat it accordingly. We begin by fully discussing your business needs and goals with you. Then we develop a custom solution that will set you apart from competitors and meet the needs of your customers.

Solutions Based on In-depth Research

Our proposals aren’t cookie-cutter either. Before preparing your proposal we thoroughly research what your competitors are doing on-line. In addition to a cost estimate, our proposals include an array of ideas about how we can make your website stand out and how you can scale your site as your business grows.

Attention to Detail at Every Step

Our attention to detail sets us apart and enables us to create websites that make your customers’ on-line experience pleasing and satisfying. As part of this philosophy, we don’t consider any job done until you are 100% satisfied.

Backed by a Thorough Knowledge of Web Tools

Web site technology changes constantly, and we make sure we keep up with the latest tools and solutions. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of today’s internet for your organization.

We Care About Your Business’s Future

We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our customers. This means we think about your future needs even as we design a website to meet your current needs. We make sure your site is scaleable, providing you with a range of versatile options to serve you as your business grows.

Management Team

Peter Ellis | Creativity

"Dream BIG" has always been Peter's ideology. Why stop short of better - that is his approach to creativity and design. Peter's desk is always filled with sketches, slogans and marketing ideas, reflecting his non-stop energy and dedication.

With his art background and precise attention to detail, Peter always strives to go an extra mile for his clients and their marketing needs. He personally guarantees customer satisfaction.

Annie O’Reilly| Design

Annie found her passion for design when she joined her high school’s yearbook staff. She collects quotations that inspire her and believes that good typography is a must-have for all design. She knows the importance of strong visual cohesion and strives to tie each element of your brand together. Her creativity and attention to detail set her designs apart from the rest.

Dennis Driscoll | Functionality

Systems have always been Dennis’ game, bending them to the needs of the client without breaking – functionality is his middle name. Although he is a bit unorthodox, the project gets done – and it works.

His no-nonsense attitude and unending drive to take on challenges make Dennis a valued member of our team.

John Daley | Business Development

John has got energy! His unending passion to garner new clients and build long-lasting relationships astonishes everyone he meets. With a natural knack for marketing and promotion, and his experience, John is a crucial part of our success.

Karina Sychev | Experience

Karina assures that each project is as smooth as possible, after all, it creates the right experience for our customers. Her focus on the little things and her exceptional organization skills keep us all on track.

Community Initiatives and Associations

  • City of Springfield Marketing Committee


    DIF Design is a member of the City of Springfield Marketing Committee, along with representatives of other creative agencies, marketing firms, community leaders and local business owners.

    The Committee's purpose is to creatively revitalize the image of the City of Springfield through community events, initiatives and marketing efforts.

    City of Springfield Marketing Committee

  • Springfield YPS


    The Young Professional Society of Greater Springfield represents the region's corporate, non-profit, and cultural interests by engaging a younger demographic in several distinct areas. YPS is concentrating efforts on business & career development and networking; social & cultural involvement; and community activism through nonprofit organizations & volunteerism.

    DIF Design support YPS by serving on the Board of Directors, being a Corporate Sponsor, as well as being a part of Arts & Cultural Committee and Marketing Committee.

    Click here to learn more about Springfield YPS

    Springfield YPS

  • Western Mass BNI


    The philosophy of BNI is built upon the idea of “Givers Gain”. By giving business to others, you will get business in return. Within this framework the goal is to educate members that networking is more about farming than it is about hunting; it’s about cultivating long term mutually beneficial business relationships! Subsequent to this, BNI’s role is to better educate, guide and inform members in the process of developing word-of-mouth based business.

    DIF Design is a member of Springfield BNI chapter

    Click here to learn more about BNI

    Western Mass BNI

  • GreenSpringfield


    GreenSpringfield is an organization designed to connect business professionals and offer networking opportunities to stimulate environmental business development and economic growth in Western Massachusetts.

    GreenSpringfield is one of DIF Design's community initiatives.

    Click here to learn more about GreenSpringfield


  • GreenSeal Initiative

    GreenSeal is a combined initiative created by the City of Springfield and GreenSpringfield to foster a greener, sustainable and livable city.

    The GreenSeal is a starting point for private companies, non-profits, academic institutions and others to participate in reducing their energy baseline and environmental impact.

    Click here to learn more about GreenSeal

    GreenSeal Initiative

  • Network 91


    Network 91 is a networking organization that trades business intelligence between its members to help all of its members optimize their chances for success.

    Click here to learn more about Network 91

    Network 91



    AMICCON's vision is to expose and brand the region as the advanced manufacturing hub for the U.S. with expertise in exotics, nano, micro, short runs and high-end products, utilizing the latest technologies and innovation through the strengths in: Precision Machining, Plastics, Paper & Packaging, Electronics, Clean/Green Technology, and Medical Devices.

    DIF Design is a sponsor of this initiative as well a member of the Steering Committee.

    Click here to learn more about AMICCON


  • Springfield School Volunteers


    The Mission of Springfield School Volunteers is to promote and facilitate learning-focused community involvement in support of the Springfield Public Schools' goal of ensuring that every child attains a high level of academic achievement in a safe and supportive environment.

    DIF Design is a business partner with Springfield School Volunteers program, and in the past has assisted with educational mentoring of students as well

    Click here to learn more about Springfield School Volunteers

    Springfield School Volunteers



    NACCE stands for National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, its mission is to supporting the collective interests of their members in entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial leadership at the community college level.

    DIF Design has been the chair of NACCE's marketing board for many years in support of the organization's national vision to create economic vitality through entrepreneurship.

    Click here to learn more about NACCE